Lorilea Duker

Marketing Manager

Here at Conveyancing Depot Lorilea is our Marketing Manager. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from James Cook University that has helped her greatly with writing countless pieces of copy for our website and advertising.

Lorilea has extensive legal experience in conveyancing and also on the operational side of law firms.

She has been involved in conveyancing for the vast majority of her professional career and has practical experience in conveyancing. From helping clients buying and selling their homes and commercial properties she has the A-Z of conveyancing experience. Beyond being a fastidious conveyancing clerk, Lorilea has experience in practice management and marketing for law firms.

She has a deep working knowledge of what clients would like from their conveyancing experience. Drawing on her industry experience she bring a unique perspective to marketing to drive the brand messaging both internally and externally. She believes that conveyancing is actually a fun area of law where clients, albeit somewhat stressed, are generally excited about buying or selling their homes.

Lorilea is excited to be a part of a team that is dedicated to providing a professional service with a smile!

Like all Melbournians she has a penchant for a good coffee and loves being busy with her family. She loves reading interesting articles, learning new things and dreaming about the next holiday or project!