Glenn Duker

Managing Partner

Glenn is the founder of Conveyancing Depot and the Managing Partner. He has extensive experience in practicing in a wide range of areas and has previously owned and operated conveyancing companies and legal practices.

Glenn created Conveyancing Depot to focus on helping property buyers and sellers get a high-quality professional service at a fair price. Glenn has always been focused on providing quality legal work and Conveyancing Depot is no exception.

Glenn obtained a Bachelor of Laws / Arts from the University of Melbourne. He was admitted to practice more than 25 years ago. During his legal career Glenn has practiced in a wide range of areas and conveyancing and property law has always been a strong feature.

His experience is extensive in conveyancing across many states of Australia. He has run conveyancing firms previously both in Victoria and Queensland.

Conveyancing Depot is a subsidiary of PCL Lawyers a firm that Glenn also founded in 2012. PCL Lawyers is a law firm that has a range of legal service for SMEs and individuals. It has a strong focus of providing a very high standard of legal work and expertise.

Glenn is intent on Conveyancing Depot having a strong focus and building its reputation on providing clients a professional and cost-effective service. He is focused on providing a legal service to make the clients of Conveyancing Depot the happiest conveyancing clients.