Four Important Questions to Ask Your Property Lawyer about Conveyancing

Four Important Questions to Ask Your Property Lawyer about Conveyancing

Whether you intend on buying or selling a property, it’s important that you get a professional conveyancer to handle the process correctly. However, you need to make sure they have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out the property transaction on your behalf. To separate the good conveyancers from the not so good ones, here are some questions to ask your potential lawyer .

What are your Qualifications?

Don’t be afraid to ask someone how long their firm has been involved in conveyancing for. There can be a lot of difference between a conveyancer with a few years under their belt and one that’s newly qualified. An experienced lawyer will have a deeper level of knowledge and conveyancing is an area of law that has a lot of small but critical details that you only learn after quite a few years of experience. So get an experienced representative who can help prevent problems before they occur.

What Types of Property Can You Assist With?

Some conveyancers only deal with particular property types or circumstances. For example, they may assist with houses and units and not subdivisions.

It’s therefore vital to ask your conveyancer whether they have knowledge and skill in your type of property. The more experience they have generally, the better for you. At PCL Lawyers we have a team of property lawyers that all have many years of experience in Property Matters from Conveyancing to Property Disputes and Litigation.

How much does Conveyancing Cost?

It’s important to get a breakdown of all fees plus disbursements before you decide to engage a conveyancing lawyer.

Typically, Conveyancing prices are based on a fixed fee for professional fees. This means you pay a set amount for your lawyers work and just the costs for other fees like searches etc. This is the best model so you just pay for what you need.

Most conveyancing fees will be different for different types of properties and how involved a conveyance is. A Commercial property will almost always be higher than a house as there is usually more work involved.

Bear in mind that conveyancers cannot give you legal advice and this may be an additional expense a problem arises. Going with a lawyer quite often can be cheaper in the long run.

With most things you really get what you pay for, and conveyancing is no different. Choosing a firm with a solid reputation is always best. It is not a time to cut fees on good professional advice when making your largest financial investment.

What happens if something goes wrong?

When you are buying your home or investment the last thing you want to think of is what happens if something goes wrong. Usually it doesn’t, but quite often it can. Settlements can often be late due to banks not being ready and finances not in order. It is important to know that your lawyer will help and works hard for you if something does go wrong. It won’t prevent an issue from arising, but if you are not confident they can handle an issue then you should pick another lawyer.

At PCL Lawyers we are not just an individual, but a team that has many years of experience in property law and litigation. We can get you answers quickly when needed. Make sure you get professional legal advice and a team that will care for you.

If you’re looking for an experienced conveyancer or solicitor to handle your property transaction, contact PCL Lawyers today on 1300 900 440 or otherwise contact us with an online inquiry via this page.

Please note: the above article is not legal advice. Every circumstance is different. It is critical that you obtain legal advice in relation to your personal circumstances before taking any action.

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